National Women’s Day!

Published March 8, 2015 by KEPRI

In honor of National Women’s Day, here’s a website dedicated to women who were apparently way too awesome for history:

Go show these badass bitches some love!

Of course, I have to plug my favorite badass woman, Hatshepsut.  She was one hell of a leader but she wasn’t the only -or the first- female pharaoh. Preceding her were Meryt-Nieth (1st Dynasty), Nitiqret (6th Dynasty), and Sobekneferu (12th Dynasty). Succeeding Hatshepsut (18th Dynasty) were Nefertiti (18th Dynasty Amarna), Twosret (19th Dynasty), and of course the infamous Cleopatra (51 BC), Egypt’s last pharaoh.

There were also many powerful queens who often acted as co-regents to their husbands or sons. Some but certainly not all of these notable women include: Ni-Maat-Heb (4th Dynasty), Khentkaus (4th Dynasty), Wife of Djedkare-Izezi (5th Dynasty possible female pharaoh known only by fragments and without a name), Ankhesenpepe II (6th Dynasty), Tem (11th Dynasty), Imi (11th Dynasty), Ahmose-Nefertari (18th Dynasty), Ashotep (18th Dynasty), and Nefertari (19th Dynasty).

So LADIES, take a lesson from pharaonic history and go kick some ass! If these girls could do it, so can you!!

Pictured below are some shots from The Met of my historical-woman-crush.  I will forever be a proud Hatshepsut fangirl.


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