The Highest Respect

Published March 12, 2015 by KEPRI

So apparently this beautiful, inspiring photo is causing controversy.  I’m not really sure why.

Many people are calling it disrespectful to the flag.  What I’d like to know is HOW?  Please, enlighten me as to how this incredible, powerful, and moving image is disrespectful.  Is it because there is a wonderful little baby cradled in the American flag?  Is it because this newborn little boy is between the strong and protective arms of his veteran father?  Is it because a veteran dare show his love for his family and country all in one shot?  Or is it simply because some people are too stupid to realize that this man, who is cradling his child, puts his life on the line to defend the very flag his son is sleeping in?

Here is the link to the article:

Go show this talented photographer some love.  Her Facebook can be found here:

It takes a lot for me to say I am impressed by a photo.  I appreciate many but impressed is another story.  In this case I truly am.  It is enculturation, patriotism, and love at its finest.  Well done, Vanessa Hicks.  You’re awesome.


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