Stone Chamber Discovery!

Published April 5, 2015 by KEPRI

Thursday morning I made it up to Nimham again and ran into a couple of awesome guys and their awesome dogs.  Out of nowhere, one of the guys started talking to me about the stone chambers.  Anybody who knows anything about me knows of my undying fascination with the chambers and their preservation.  This fellow swears they healed him while he was very ill, when nothing else worked.  He showed me a chamber that I have been looking for for years!  It happened to be right along the trail, hidden (as always) in plain sight.

Learn more about the chambers and KEPRI here.


3 comments on “Stone Chamber Discovery!

  • Hi, I was wondering where along the trail at Nimham is this chamber? I would love to pay a visit, I am a frequent hiker and chamber enthusiast at the sacred mt.

    • I’m really glad to hear this! Nimham is home sweet home to me and yes, it is indeed sacred. The mountain and I share a bond. The hidden chamber is just that: hidden. It’s down the Coles Mills Road trail but you won’t find it unless someone leads you there. It’s literally right off the trail and I’d searched for it for about five years and never found it until by fated meeting, a fellow-hiker-turned-friend showed me. I would be happy to meet up sometime and take you to the chamber. 🙂 If you’re interested in the more spiritual aspects, you may like my other blog, It was initially about reincarnation but it is now undergoing its own rebirth to become my druid grove’s official blog. Cheers!

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