Published August 1, 2015 by KEPRI

Tonight is a blue moon.  As I wandered outside to enjoy the beauty of a still summer night, I was inspired.  There stood my brand new sunflower, bathed in moonlight.  After months of waiting it opened this morning, the last of them to bloom.  It’s as if it had waited for just the right time and I’m glad it did.

I thanked the flamboyant floral giant and made my way back up to the porch.  Again my eye was caught as I noticed my beloved papyrus plant.  I thought, ‘what better time to capture its exotic beauty?’  So I set up again and two shots in I had what I wanted.  Looking at its feathered top, one can almost forget its New York location and imagine a time long ago, on the banks of the Nile.

These photos were shot at ISO 800, f/4.0, at a thirty second exposure.  I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I enjoyed shooting them.


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