Renée J. Fleury

I don’t hide behind my images. I live in them.

steampunk image 01-revised final

Photography courtesy of Haydon L. Hall

“Sky Captain” Renée Fleury is a freelance photographer, steampunk, and author. She has photographed for multiple cultural events and worked with notable photographers. Her photos have been featured on numerous websites and a couple TV shows, including William Shatner’s Weird or What?. Among her favorite personal accomplishments are her work for international conference, Megalithomania and having her art published in the New York Times.

Her favorite subjects to shoot are costumed portraiture, birds of prey, and events. She has experience shooting weddings. Renée shoots primarily with a Pentax K-1 (full frame), using a K-x as backup. Neither of her cameras are purple. The blog’s name comes from her first DSLR, a purple Pentax K-x, which she shot with until the day it died.

For Renée, Steampunk is as much a lifestyle as it is a hobby. The alias “Sky Captain” began as a joke, but it stuck, becoming part of who she is. With an avid interest in aviation and a love for all things Victorian, the nick name is certainly fitting.

Renée is in the process of writing a novel and on top of everything else, she is awesome.

You may contact her via email at to book an appointment or if you have any questions.


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