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Here be Faeries

Published April 7, 2017 by KEPRI

I visited Dover Stone Church in Dover Plains, NY yesterday with my son and boyfriend. The foliage is just coming back and everything was pretty green so it was quite beautiful. I swear the place is enchanted by fae. I highly recommend visiting soon, once the leaves pop and it’s a bit warmer. It’s one of the area’s nicest attractions!

I shot with the steampunk Pentax K-x. The K1 came in today so I haven’t shot with that yet. The nice thing about shooting with the punked-out Pentax is that it has no LCD screen. I bought it knowing that the LCD didn’t work. What I like is that it forces me to rely solely on my knowledge, not what I see on the screen. That way I’m not lazy and it honestly makes me a stronger photographer.

I highly recommend taping over your screen once in a while, especially if you are just starting out. Set your ISO and white balance and just toggle the aperture and shutter speed. You might surprise yourself. 🙂


After the Snow

Published January 8, 2017 by KEPRI

Tried to do some isolation shots using the 50 mm fixed lens. I like how these came out, particularly with the backlighting of the window. Snow can provide some lovely indoor opportunities, in addition of course to outside. Using snow can provide some great highlighting and isolation opportunities. The snow offers great reflection and the bright white can really bring out the colors in foliage.

The plants featured are my diviner’s sage (Salvia divinorum) and weeping pussy willow/kilmarnock willow (Salix caprea).

This one I call “Yard Art”, but really it’s a broken down tractor in my grandfather’s yard that’s been there for years.


This one is just the greenhouse. It looked so pretty in the snow, especially being that it’s about 60 degrees in there and full of green, thriving plants.


Shadow of the Day

Published June 3, 2015 by KEPRI

“And the shadow of the day

will embrace the world in gray

And the sun will set for you”

-Linkin Park, “Shadow of the Day”

Back from the Dead

Published May 12, 2015 by KEPRI

O hai there!  It’s been a while but at last I am back from my hiatus.  Did I mention I hate blogs?

Here’s some pics and their respective descriptions to catch up the world on my busy life.  Not that you need to know about my life, but I think the shots are nice.  🙂